You probably know Mile High Flea Market for a lot of things: giant turkey legs, the Big Wheel or Dragon Coaster and, of course, our famous Micheladas. But did you know we’re a small-business incubator? You heard right. We help entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.

Why you should side-hustle at Mile High Flea Market

Low overhead, high return

Starting a business is tough. About 40% of entrepreneurs start their businesses with cash. That means you’ve got to be scrappy and penny-pinching. You can’t afford to spend money on high rent or risk being at a location without the traffic you need to close sales. Mile High Flea Market offers low-cost, no-commitment spaces, average weekend sales of $250–1,000 and an average of 16,000 visitors each weekend. We’re not business experts or anything, but low investment and high returns are an entrepreneur’s dream scenario.

Test in real time

As many entrepreneurs know, testing in real time is the only sure-fire way to create products. Ideas and theories can only get you so far. At some point, you’ve got to see what the consumers say so you can pivot quickly and efficiently. Mile High Flea Market lets you test products in real time with real, face-to-face feedback from shoppers and buyers. It’s all about changing quickly and cheaply, and Mile High Flea Market helps you do both.

Scale up or down

At Mile High Flea Market, you can start small with an outdoor space and work your way up to a bigger space as your business grows. We offer one- to three-door units so you, like Goldilocks, have just the right amount of space when you need it.

Conversely, our multiple rentals allow you to scale down without closing your business entirely. COVID hit small businesses hard, with 100,000 businesses permanently closed. Rather than shutting your doors permanently, Mile High Flea Market allows you to drastically cut costs like rent and utilities. And there’s no commitment. Once things turn around for your business, you’re free to scale up as needed, whether that’s a space at Mile High Flea Market or getting your own brick-and-mortar space.

How to side-hustle at Mile High Flea Market

We know you’re a busy entrepreneur, so here are the steps to get your side hustle on at Mile High Flea Market:

      1. Book a space for a full weekend.
      2. Read our seller dos and don’ts.
      3. Get up to speed on our seller tips and tricks.
      4. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.
      5. Spread the word far and wide to family and friends about your Flea space.

You’ve got a dream. Let Mile High Flea Market help you make it a reality. We’ll help you keep your costs low and your sales high. We give you the flexibility to scale up and down as needed, with no strings attached. Your future awaits. Now is the time to seize it.

Ready to launch your business? Book your space now.