Selling Tips

Tips for successful selling at Mile High Flea Market:

Visit the property. If you’ve never sold at Mile High Flea Market, visit the property first to see what products are currently for sale and what items have the least amount of competition, plus learn how top existing sellers engage their buyers.

Manage your display. Make sure you have a large visible sign that explains what you are selling. Arrange your merchandise in a way that will capture your customers’ attention and encourage browsing. Change your display (and even your product offerings) every couple of weeks.

Engage your customers. Remember there are many vendors, so stand out in the crowd by knowing your products well and talking to customers about each product’s features and benefits, while also learning more about your customers’ needs.

Try it for a month. If you are new at the market, we recommend selling for at least one month in order to get the full experience and start seeing results. During this time, you can watch and learn from other successful sellers.

Learn your buyers. Observe what customers are buying and keep this in mind for your own merchandise. For example, many collectibles dealers know exactly what their customers collect.

Price reasonably. Flea markets are known for bargains, but make sure you are not underpricing your items. Also, always offer special discounts such as a two-for-one deal, and don’t forget to have enough cash on hand since the majority of customers at flea markets do not pay with credit cards. Expect the buyer to negotiate on prices, too.

Cross-promote. Find ways to collaborate with other vendors, or cross-promote. For example, if you sell women’s lingerie, ask a “neighbor” who sells cosmetics to recommend your products in exchange for promoting his or her products.

Use social media. Use social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) to amplify your reach, show off your sales and attract new customers.

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