Who doesn’t love extra cash? The joy of finding a forgotten $10 bill in the pocket of your jeans is definitely cause for celebration. But don’t mope if your pockets are empty; there’s hope! You’re probably sitting on a mountain of unused items just waiting to be turned into cash. It’s true! Take a gander around, and you’ll spot plenty of things that no longer serve you or your life.

You might have heard of tidying-up expert and Netflix star, Marie Kondo. Her whole philosophy centers on choosing joy over stuff. What would make you happier: looking at all the things you don’t use or having extra money? The joyous choice is clear. Money is where it’s at. All you have to do is spring clean and sell your unwanted items at Mile High Flea Market.

Three Reasons You Should Spring Clean

Ugh, cleaning. Getting started can feel like staring up at the peak of a mountain when you’re at base camp. But the rewards are huge. Here are three reasons that will pump you up to spring clean.


Imagine what you would do with an extra $200, $500 or $1,000 dollars. Chances are, you’ve got things that need fixing, bills that need paying, fun stuff that needs doing. When you sell at Mile High Flea Market, you can turn your unwanted items into cash in a single weekend. And that cash can set you free. Stock up on groceries. Get your car’s alignment done. Get your washer/dryer unit serviced. Get that tattoo you’ve had your heart set on. Whatever you want or need, money helps make it possible.

Feel-good vibes

You probably know that “ahh” fresh feeling after tidying up. But did you know there are legit wellness benefits to cleaning? It’s true! According to Psychology Today, decluttering can, indeed, improve your confidence. Hello, decision-making and problem-solving skills. You’ll be like, “Today, the garage. Tomorrow, the world!” And, perhaps the best part, you’ll rediscover lost treasurers like that cross-stitch your grandma made.

Health (rhymes with wealth)

Tidying up not only makes things look better but it also makes you feel better—literally. It can alleviate anxiety and depression, help you sleep better and reduce allergens because there’s less dust and fewer places for it to gather. Feeling better, sleeping better and breathing better? We’d say that’s a win-win-win.

Spaces to clean

No matter the size or state of your home, chances are, you’ve got a spot just waiting for a good old-fashioned clean out. Here are ideas for where you could start.

Closet and dresser

What haven’t you worn in years? If it doesn’t fit, if you don’t like it anymore, if it brings up bad juju, put it in your sell-at-Mile-High-Flea-Market pile. From boots to coats, pant suits to prom dresses, there’s a buyer out there for it and they’re at Mile High Flea Market.


Ever noticed how garages turn into magnets for stuff? Take a day to riffle through what you want to keep and what you can sell. Tools, shelves, tires, you name it. There’s somebody out there looking for it, and they’re looking at Mile High Flea Market.


Holiday decorations taking over? Books and records gathering dust? Boxes of stuff stacked high? The Flea is your chance to give these things a second life and a second love.

Child’s room

Kids seem to amplify the quantity of stuff in your home, and they outgrow most of it almost immediately. Whether it’s clothes, toys or furniture, there’s a kid out there who needs it and a parent who is looking to buy it second-hand or get a good deal.

Why you should sell at Mile High Flea Market

We’re biased (obviously) when it comes to selling at Mile High Flea Market. But that’s because we’ve seen the results. We make it easy and affordable. No yard or garage? No problem. Does your HOA have bans on when yard or garage sales can happen? Mile High Flea Market has you covered. Set up any weekend that works for you. Easy, peasy!

Want low-cost and no-commitment rentals? Done! Sell as often or as infrequently as you want. With average weekend sales ranging from $250 to $1,000, you’re sure to make a good profit. And you’ll get 16,000 sets of eyeballs on your stuff. That’s right, our average weekend attendance is 16,000 visitors. What yard or garage sale can boast those kinds of numbers?

Spring Clean, Make Green

Look around your home. See all those dollar signs just waiting to happen? So do we. Now’s your chance. Make a positive impact on your health, wellness and wallet. Now’s the time to sell at Mile High Flea Market.

Ready to start selling? Book your space.