New gets a lot of positive attention. New looks, new-and-improved products, new experiences, new places. New promises novelty, freshness, possibility, even adventure. On the flip side, new also means the unknown, which can be downright scary. The uncertainty can be overwhelming. Your imagination can run wild with negative situations or outcomes. That’s especially true when you’re starting a new business or trying to earn extra money because the stakes are high.

When you sell at Mile High Flea Market, you’re part of a long line of sellers. You may be new to the experience, but plenty of sellers have come before you. These experienced sellers can help you overcome those first-time-seller jitters. We’ve compiled six tips from experienced sellers to help fast-track your sales success from day one.

Tip #1: Act like a scientist

How do scientists act, exactly? Excellent question! First, they propose a hypothesis, “I think this will happen.” Then, they test to see what actually happens. While they have an idea in mind, they aren’t wedded to that idea. They simply allow things to happen. Said another way, they let go of expectations. Admittedly, this is easier said than done, especially when it comes to sales. Go ahead and have a target sales goal in mind, but don’t obsess about it. If you don’t hit that mark, try to figure out why you didn’t and if there is anything you could have done differently. 

Here’s where the next piece of acting like a scientist comes in. Get experimental. Be open to change. As Pamela, a Mile High Flea Market seller of 36 years, says, “If it doesn’t work, try something else.” Embrace the process as a learning journey. “Each day is something different,” Ricarda, a 30-year Mile High Flea Market seller, says. You’ve got to learn, adjust and adapt just like a scientist would.

Tip #2: Price it right

People come to Mile High Flea Market hunting for deals. That means you’ll want to keep your own costs low so you have room to negotiate. Know your lowest price in advance. Be friendly, yet firm, about it. If you have to say no to a potential buyer, that’s okay. You can turn someone down with respect and kindness. Who knows? They might even come back around later in the day to make the purchase after they’ve had time to think about it.

Tip #3: Get your gab on

One of the best parts of Mile High Flea Market, according to our sellers, is the people. They come from all walks of life and all places. You might meet someone from Ecuador as easily as you’d meet a person from Texas. Alicia of Mintaka LLC, a Mile High Flea Market seller of three years, says, “I love the people and their energies. They’re open, honest, genuine, consistent.” 

Be ready to chat with people. If you’re introverted, you might be thinking no way, no how. But here’s a tip we love from Dominic, who’s been selling at Mile High Flea Market for seven years, “Be yourself.” Said another way, you don’t need to act like anybody but yourself. “Connect with clients,” said Amanda of Esvars. Try to show up for people how you’d want to be treated. Say hello to everyone, smile and be ready to tell stories about your items or yourself. Focus less on closing a sale and more on engaging buyers. You might be surprised how easily the sales flow from there.

Tip #4: Make it look good

As Cassandra of Crystal Love Shop, Mile High Flea Market seller of one year, says, “People are curious as to what goodies they can find.” They’re on a treasure hunt. Make your items look as appealing as a treasure chest. Turn a plain old fold-out table into a showcase with a tablecloth and an interesting arrangement. Use screens, temporary walls or racks to display hangable items. Make it easy for people to discover and browse your items. Get inspiration from other sellers. Ask them how they came up with their display and the things they used. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you just need to make it look good.

Tip #5: Be flexible with payment types

You might think cash is king, but having cash on hand is becoming less and less common, especially in the wake of the pandemic and for younger people. Don’t miss out on sales to the cashless. Opt instead for digital cash apps like Venmo or PayPal, which make it easier to get paid through a simple money transfer. You can set up business accounts to keep the money separate from your personal accounts. Square turns your smartphone or tablet into a credit card reader.

Tip #6: Prep for changing weather

Colorado weather can change on a dime. Be prepared to change along with it rather than resist it. You’ll want to create a multilayered strategy that takes into account yourself and your items.

For yourself, that means staying hydrated (water is best) and using sunblock—even on cloudy days and in winter. Look for sunblock that protects against UVA and UVB rays. Dressing in layers and wearing a wide-brimmed hat can help you stay more comfortable as the weather changes.

Next, let’s talk about your items. You may want to have tarps or coverings on hand to protect your items in the case of rain or snow. Wind can cause issues for breakable items or paper/lightweight items that can get caught in a draft. Be sure to secure things to your display. If you have several delicate items, you might consider an indoor space. Read more weather tips here.

Get your seller on

See? Being a first-time seller isn’t so scary after all. Plenty of people have done much of the trial and error for you. You get to benefit from their wisdom. All that’s left for you to do? Book a space.