Francisco Apodaca has connected to an ideal customer base that makes his Mile High Flea Market furniture business an ongoing profit center. Apodaca, 54, has been selling handmade rustic Mexican furniture, arts and crafts for four years at the flea market.

After trying other markets, Apodaca found Denver’s oldest and largest flea market to be the best fit for his Mexico-made products. “This is the best place to get customers. So many people show up on the weekends,” he says. “One Friday, which is usually a quieter day at the flea market, I made $14,000 in a single day.”

While each Friday, Saturday and Sunday sales fluctuate, depending on weather, events and crowds, Apodaca says he counts on Mile High Flea Market’s large attendance for the opportunity to introduce his items to up to 30,000 visitors per weekend.

Taking up spaces J9-13 near the front parking lot, Apodaca’s vendor space is called Tarahumara. The name is a testament to the craftsmanship and traditions of the legendary Mexican Indian tribe, which occupies the remote mountains of Chihuahua, Mexico. Apodaca is from the iconic area of the country, although he’s lived in Denver among family and friends for over 24 years.

Apodaca says his bestsellers include hand-hewn bedroom, dining room and patio furniture sets, which range from $900 to $3,200. However Tarahumara is filled with other crafts, such as traditional Mexican pottery and toys. There’s something for everyone, whether buyers want to take home a small trinket from the Tarahumara, or a complete furniture outfit.

Wondering how you can start selling at Mile High Flea Market? It’s easy—everyone is welcome. For more information on selling at Mile High Flea Market, all the Guest Services Office at 303.289.4656 or write [email protected].