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Everyone will find so much to do at MHFM—here's just one fun example of what the day may look like for a family: A mom can browse for the best prices on new and used furniture, housewares and children’s items. Her kids can keep riding the rollercoaster. Dad goes to get a beer and go tire shopping. Grandma loves walking the farmers market to find the freshest chilies for dinner tonight.

There are so many shopping areas to explore at Mile High Flea Market. While visitors often come for specific things they need to get quick, we recommend planning ahead because a visit can easily lead to several hours of exploring and fun. The 80-acre Mile High Flea Market complex is laid out for your shopping and browsing convenience, but generally there are two distinct areas:

Shops: These colored stand-alone retail buildings, clustered close to the main (South) entrance, sell a wide variety of discounted new and gently used items, from sunglasses to luggage. This area also includes specialty antique and collectibles shops.

Flea market: Each weekend, our huge flea market is staged toward the east end of the facility. Here some 2,500 sellers set up temporary tables and open rented storage units to display items at always-incredible prices. The flea market is also adjacent to the popular year-round farmers market.

So what can you buy at Mile High Flea Market? Discovering is part of the fun, but you can always count on new and used gear, clothing and goods for the whole family:

  • Furniture & mattresses
  • Baby gear & goods
  • Cosmetics & health/beauty items
  • Groceries & household supplies
  • Accessories: sunglasses, purses, belts, footwear, watches, jewelry & more!
  • Cell phones & accessories
  • Electronics, games & videos
  • Tires, auto parts & car-audio accessories
  • Knives, boots & leather goods
  • Sports apparel, equipment & cards

To refuel during a full day of shopping, Mile High Flea Market offers plenty of food and beverages: beer carts, sit-down cafés, quick-food vendors, a coffee shop, cantina, and a wings-and-pizza parlor, to name few.

I-76 & 88th Ave.

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