Your place to sell—just about anything you want!

Each weekend since 1976, entrepreneurs, hobbyists, small-business owners, sales representatives, and Denver residents and families have all sold a wide variety of new and used merchandise at Mile High Flea Market. In fact, the average seller makes from $250 to $800 per day!

Many of our loyal weekend shoppers have become our strongest vendors, because they understand the special flea market environment, the Colorado lifestyle and what it takes to successfully sell goods here.

Whether you want to sell for a day, weekend or longer, Mile High Flea Market gives you the opportunity to do business with the lowest overhead, the most flexible commitment options and exposure to the largest number of potential customers (on average, 30,000 each weekend).

For more information on selling at Mile High Flea Market call the Guest Services Office at 303.289.4656 or write

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