Dos and do nots.

To keep our historic property and popular flea market safe for buyers and sellers, we maintain some standard rules and regulations. Please review and observe the following before attending Mile High Flea Market to shop for items or rent a space to sell your merchandise.

Prohibited items

In an effort to provide a safe, family-friendly environment the following items are prohibited at Mile High Flea Market:

  • Prepared food
  • Guns, ammunition, explosives
  • Drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • Grocery items labeled “Made in Mexico”
  • Live animals
  • Any pornographic material
  • Trademarked/counterfeit merchandise

Additionally, vendors must obtain prior written consent from Mile High Flea Market for the following items:

  • Games of chance or skill, raffles, lotteries or auctions
  • Political, religious or solicitant matter or handbills

State tax

State law requires that any vendor selling more than five times per year at any flea market in Colorado, must have a sales tax license to collect and submit state sales tax. If you sell less than five times per year, you must still collect sales tax but don’t need your own license and can submit the state tax collection via the envelope provided by Mile High Flea Market.

Other regulations

  • Make sure you are at your reserved space by 8:30 a.m.
  • Keep your merchandise within the yellow lines
  • No “walking sales” are permitted at the property
  • Be off the lot by 6 p.m. to allow for cleaning
  • Do not leave any merchandise left in open spaces

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