Different finds every time.

The historic Mile High Flea Market has been a Denver tradition for decades. Every weekend, year-round the inventory of new and used items changes at our enormous flea market. Located on the north end of the complex, next to the farmers market and kids ride area, it’s the best spot for real bargain hunters.

With an average of 2,500 weekend vendors selling goods, you never know what you’re going to find for less—and that’s the fun of shopping and exploring at the flea market. Families find that there’s plenty of stuff for everyone from children to grandparents, and very few people leave our giant, multi-street flea market without something to call their own.

You might grocery shop for the week. You could find a sturdy pair of leather boots for work or to last a lifetime or that comfortable couch you’ve been searching for all over town. There are also gently used kids toys, helpful household items for your family’s everyday needs, tools and tires, and so much more.

In the spirit of shopping.

The fun of Mile High Flea Market is the merchandise that changes every weekend. Some of our sellers sell once or multiple times a year in one big garage sale. Other regular weekend visitors uncover the best finds in Denver and resell them at great Mile High Flea Market prices. Shopping at the flea market is all about exploring what’s around the next corner and learning how to find the best deals on the range of new and used merchandise available every weekend at the flea market.

Here are a few other tips for flea market shopping:

Come early—or late. Some of best merchandise at the flea market is typically available early in the day, when vendors bring fresh carloads of stuff. However often you’ll find the best bargains later in the day, when sellers are ready to pack up.

One’s trash is another’s treasure. Think creatively when you shop. As you look at each new or used item, consider the many different uses for each flea market find.

Bring the family. With outdoor vendors, shops, rides, live entertainment, beer, and lots of food carts and cafes, there’s really something for every member of the family.

Wear comfortable shoes & sunscreen. You can walk a lot in one day on Mile High Flea Market’s vast, 80-acre site. Come prepared.

Relax & enjoy. One of the best ways to find real treasures at the flea market is to take your time. Spend the day just wandering around and see what interests you. It’s a great way to spend time with your friends and family.

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