Mile High Flea Market draws 30,000 guest every weekend in the summer – that's enough to fill Red Rocks Amphitheatre three times over.

The spirit of shopping.

The fun of Mile High Flea Market is merchandise changes every weekend. Some of our sellers sell once or multiple times a year in one big garage sale. Other “regulars” uncover the best finds in Denver and resell them at great Mile High Flea Market prices. Shopping at the flea market is all about being open-minded to what’s around the next corner.

A few other tips for flea market shopping:

  1.  Come early—or late. The best merchandise is available early in the day and the best bargains are found later in the day.
  2. One’s trash is another’s treasure. Shop with a creative mind. Be open to the many uses of flea market finds.
  3. Bring the family. With 80 acres of shopping, rides, entertainment and food, there’s really something for every member of the family.
  4. Wear comfortable shoes & sunscreen. You can walk a lot of miles in one day on our large, 80-acre site.
  5. Relax & enjoy. One of the best ways to find real treasures is to just wander around and see what interests you.