Sellers fun fact:

Mile High Flea Market draws 30,000 guests every weekend in the summer—that’s enough to fill Red Rocks Amphitheatre three times over.

Dos and do nots.

This is a summary of the rules for selling at Mile High Flea Market. A complete list of seller rules will be attached to your space reservation receipt or you can obtain a copy from the office. Each seller is responsible for adhering to our selling rules. Rules are subject to change without notice.

  1. Set-up: Sellers must be in their reserved selling space and out of the aisles by 8:30 am on any selling day. Mile High Flea Market reserves the right to sell any unoccupied space after 8:30 am.
  2. Clean-up: All sellers must be off the lot or have their merchandise contained in a manner to allow for lot cleaning by 6 pm. Sellers who fail to comply may be charged a fee. Items left on Mile High Flea Market property are at your own risk. Mile High Flea Market is not responsible for any lost, broken or stolen merchandise.
  3. Merchandise disposal: Any merchandise left in open spaces, around storage containers or buildings shall be deemed abandoned by the seller. Mile High Flea Market may remove and dispose of such property without liability. Mile High Flea Market may hold the seller responsible for all costs incurred while disposing of such property.
  4. Merchandise containment: Sellers must keep their merchandise inside the yellow lines. Walkways and driveways are emergency lanes.
  5. Walking sales: No “walking sales” are permitted at Mile High Flea Market. Anyone selling, trading or otherwise conducting business on the premises must have a space assignment and remain in that space.
  6. Shade & coverage: Sellers using shade stands or covers must have them sufficiently weighted to be safe. Nails or anchors cannot be driven into the pavement. Rubber casters or pieces of wood must be placed under legs of all furniture and equipment to eliminate the possibility of pavement damage.
  7. Rule compliance: The purchase of a space constitutes an agreement by the seller to comply with all rules and regulations. Mile High Flea Market reserves the right to revoke any reservation and evict violators without a refund.
  8. Sales tax: State law requires that any vendor selling more than five times per year at any flea market (or combination of markets) in Colorado must have a sales tax license to collect and submit state sales tax. If you sell less than five times per year, you must still collect sales tax but don’t need your own license and can submit the state tax collection via the envelope provided by Mile High Flea Market. Additionally, if you sell certain types of secondhand property as defined by HB 1484, and if you will be selling items for $30 or more, you must fill out a Flea Market Vendors Information Report (available at the office). You are not required to charge or collect city sales tax in Commerce City. Instead, you will be charged a

    PILST (Payment In Lieu of Sales Tax) fee, which equals a percentage of your space rental fee.

  9. Prohibition of other items: Mile High Flea Market reserves the right at any time to prohibit any additional items from being sold or traded and to refuse admission to any seller.

For more information about becoming a Mile High Flea Market seller, please view or download our Seller Guide.

Download the Mile High Flea Market Selling Space Map.