There are currently 150 million flea market shoppers nationwide.

Denver’s hometown flea market.

Mile High Flea Market—Denver’s oldest and favorite flea market—has a rich history, heart and soul. Our loyal shoppers come back weekend after weekend to experience traditional, community-oriented, open-air shopping and bargain hunting among friends, family and Denver’s diverse population.

A fixture in the Denver community, as well as a draw for visitors from the entire Rocky Mountain region, Mile High Flea Market was founded in 1976. In those days, people sold their wares in the parking lot of a Commerce City dog track. Ten years later, the flea market moved to its current 80-acre location at the corner of I-76 and 88th Avenue, where it has thrived for more than two decades.

Mile High Flea Market now houses the traditional flea market, a farmers market, new shops, antiques, kids rides and events. Open year-round every weekend, today Mile High Flea Market is home to over 1,500 sellers and attracts more than a million visitors each year.